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Larry Loves To Make Everyone Laugh

Through the years, Larry has gotten countless belly laughs from many audiences he has performed for – and while every show is unique and exciting, there are a few shows that have stuck with him through the years.

At age 16, Larry was invited to perform at a variety show at Hartford’s Oak Hill School for the Blind. He was nervous – real nervous – about whether or not the students would like the show if they were unable to see Larry’s puppets. His nerves caused him to initially turn down the offer.

But after some persistence on the behalf of the man booking the show, Larry agreed to perform and hoped for the best.

His performance was short – about 8 minutes long. And the students loved it. They giggled and laughed through the whole set.

After the show, a mother of an 8-year-old girl, who attended the school, asked Larry to meet her daughter after the show.

“I knelt down to the daughter’s level with my puppet, and she proceeded to put her hands on my face and my puppet’s face to get an idea of what we looked like,” he said. “I’m like I said, about 16-years-old and I literally had tears in my eyes as she threw her arms around me and my puppet and said, ‘I love you, guys.'”

Larry said he feels lucky to have been able to perform for such wonderful people at that show, as it reinforced the idea that his work could have a powerful and positive impact on people.

And that everyone loves and deserves a good laugh.